Music is a very important integral part of worship.  It creates an atmosphere that is conducive to the worship experience.  Our music has two major elements that we hold at a premium.  Each song is scrutinized to be Biblical in content and Christ-centered.  With these two elements, we believe that Christ can be exalted and believers can be encouraged.  

We try not to put ‘labels’ on our songs, nor do we classify them according to certain genres.  in other words, if the song glorifies the Savior and is Biblical, then it’s worth singing.  We understand that all have different tastes in music.  On occasion someone will ask, “What kind of music do you have at Gilead?”  Our response is that we have a 

blended style of music in our church.  We still have a choir (and we welcome any to sing in our choir) as well as a praise and worship band.  both are led by our music director, Chris Norman.  

We also want to introduce you to our other musicians and singers.  Their names are:

Melinda Norman, who plays the drums, and on occasion, with other assistants, presents songs of praise to us through sign language.

Talon Wakefield is our tenor singer and pulls double duty with the sound.

Edwin also sings backup with us as well.  His versatility backs up Chris with baritone, bass, and on occasions helps Chris with lead.

Pastor Billy plays the piano, keys, and on occasion, the acoustic guitar, and fills in the gaps with whatever harmony note he can find.