Children’s Church/Nursery

Children’s church is for those kids that are 5th grade and under.  We provide structured teachings of the word of God, whether by book, video, or some other means.  And also other activities to go along with the lessons.  Kids enjoy our children’s church and look forward to attending church.

Once a month, we keep all kids in the sanctuary for our worship.  This gets them acclimated to worshiping with the parents, as well as the rest of the church.  To further their worship experience, we keep them with parents and adults till all congregational and special singing is over.  We then turn them over to the Children’s Church leaders to be dismissed to the Fellowship Hall for their specialized teachings.

As a Parent, you need not worry about your child being taught or not.  He or she will be well taken care of and well taught.  We encourage you to ask questions concerning our children’s church activities.  Peace of mind goes a long way when it comes to your child.

For those children 4 years old and under, we also provide a nursery.  If you find the nursery necessary to meet your needs, we ask that you would give any information to our nursery worker(s) pertinent to your child’s needs; such as medications, illnesses, etc.

Meet Barbara…

This Lady is one of the hardest working members of our entire church family.  She is, for the most part, the very reason we have a children’s church.  We don’t want to take anything away from our other children’s workers, but I think we would all agree that Barbara’s heart is as big as the eastern sky.  We love this lady!  Her heart for ministering to kids is unparalleled.  If you see her, please say ‘hey’ and ‘thank you’!  Thank you Ms. Barbara for all your hard work.