Let me introduce myself.  I’m Billy, Pastor of Gilead.  I am married to my beautiful wife of 29 years, Sharon Bollinger.  She has been by my side through thick and thin and is an integral part of my ministry.  For more info on Sharon, please see the link provided by clicking on her name.  Along with her bio and her website, you will find a wealth of information about her and her own personal ministry.

I have two children.  My Son, along with Oliver (newborn), Aidan, and Portia, are currently living in our old house here in our hometown and my Daughter, along with her husband Brenton and three kids, Bentley, Baize, and Beacon, reside in China Grove, NC.

When I was 20 years old, I began to attend a church called Bible Baptist church.  The only reasons I went there was because someone invited me, and they had a lot of young people.  I started to feel that something was missing.  I kept attending because of the youth group.  I even bought a Bible and started reading it.  But these feelings didn’t go away.

One day my mom told me about a revival going on in another local church nearby.  It was the church that my parents attended when I was a kid.  There were a lot of people getting saved during this revival.  I would not attend, thinking some kind of cult was started there.  This is when things really started bothering me.

Feelings of “going to Hell” became stronger and stronger.  I began to cry myself asleep at night.  I was afraid of going to hell.  I talked to my pastor about it.  I really just wanted someone to tell me I was alright.  But it kept getting worse.

I finally came to the point that I just could not go on living like this.  The week before I accepted Christ was one miserable week.  This lump in my throat and pounding in my chest was almost unbearable.  Crying myself to sleep every night was not working.

On Sunday, when I attended, I don’t remember what was preached.  I don’t remember the songs that were sung.  In fact, I don’t remember much of anything.  I was consumed in myself and the feelings that I had.  When the Pastor gave an invitation to come to the front of the church I responded.  I came forward.

I remember trying to say all the right words so that Jesus would save me.  I said that I was sorry for my sins.  I told Jesus that I wanted Him to come into my heart.  I said everything that I thought I was supposed to.  But behind me I heard my brother speak to me.  I will never forget his words.  He simply said, “only trust Him”!  From that moment I completely trusted Christ to remove my sins and come into my heart to live.

If you have a story of redemption, I would love to hear from you!  This is mine, in its most simplistic form but yet profound for me.  Every story is unique.  Please share with us your story of forgiveness and healing.  May God richly bless you!  My prayer is that God would put others in your path that you can tell your story to.  Or, it may be that you haven’t a story to tell.  I would love to share the story of Jesus with you and that you would turn to Christ.  Please contact us at any time in the link provided.

In Christ,

Billy Bollinger